Welcome to Coffee Beards & Bowties

My People!!!

I developed this page for a variety of reasons. I found myself clicking through a long list of websites searching for information on three things that I am passionate about which are coffee, hair & grooming, and fashion. I figured why not consolidate my efforts and build a page for those passions to coexist in one place. Here is where you came into play!!!  Do you share an interest in one, two, or all three of these industries? Well, if your answer is yes… Then this place was built for us…

As we move forward my desire is for us to build and create space for people (men/women/any & everyone) to come and share their thoughts and experiences both personally and professionally in these growing industries. We’ll discuss places we’ve traveled to and had the best coffee experience ever, give helpful advice on grooming, recommend a new stylist for a haircut, and even give tips on the latest fashion trends that may be in style today. The sky is the limit!!! So please join us and look out for our weekly posts covering exciting topics and content.