Our Story

Coffee Beards & Bowties

Ethically sourced whole bean coffee company with a bigger purpose to serve the community.

Eric McWright

Founder of Coffee Beards & Bowties

Founder's Story

My name is Eric and I am a husband, father, retired Navy veteran, and a professional barber.  My passions in life revolve around coffee, the hair & grooming industry, fashion, and most of all getting to know new people.  Shortly after transitioning from the military, I spent some time visiting local coffee houses, barbershops, tailors and trendy men’s clothing stores because it reminded me of the different countries I traveled to around the world. 

Bringing Communities Together Through Coffee Beards & Bowties...

Coffee Beards & Bowties is a Veteran owned home-based small batch specialty coffee roasting company.

We provide ethically sourced whole bean coffee & coffee cart services. Our goal is to create and develop a community environment geared to educating those who desire additional insight into the coffee, hair & grooming, and men’s fashion industries. One of our main focal points will be the COLLABORATION between the novice and industry professionals who are willing to both share their experiences to help cultivate and enrich the group’s level of knowledge whether it’s for personal or professional development.

Our content will range from informative blog posts, interviews with local and industry entrepreneurs, how-to tutorials, and open discussions across all three industries. We firmly believe that this type of collaboration will help foster an environment where people can openly learn about these industries while networking with like-minded individuals.

The Deeper Meaning

Community, Growth, Dignity & Style is What We Stand For...

Coffee Beards & Bowties is a
polysemantic title.

Possessing more than one meaning. While there are many words to describe who we are and what we stand for, the words that represent us the best are, Community, Growth, Dignity & Style! At our very core, the foundation of what we hope to build is a community of diverse thoughts, ideals, and experiences to help improve the world around us. Specifically, we’re determined to help bring awareness and support to children in the foster care & adoption system, and the organizations that support them.


Support & build community relationships


Discover & grow personal /professional opportunities  

Dignity & Style

Create & cultivate shared experiences in a unique fashion that enhances our community’s collective knowledge

Giving Back To Our Community

We Believe in Serving Towards a Cause Greater Than Ourselves...

Coffee Beard & Bowties is a proud supporter of California Family Life Center.

“California Family Life Center’s mission is to provide safety, comfort and healing to children suffering abuse and abandonment; to teach love and trust; to instill self-esteem, values and hope for the future – and in so doing, assist children trapped in hopelessness and despair become compassionate and contributing members of the community.”

Visit Us

Get your locally brewed batch of Coffee, Beard, & Bowties coffee at the Certified Farmers Market, located at the Temecula Promenade Mall, every Wednesday.