My name is Eric and I am a husband, father, retired Navy veteran, and a professional barber.  My passions in life revolve around coffee, the hair & grooming industry, fashion, and most of all getting to know new people.  Shortly after transitioning from the military, I spent some time visiting local coffee houses, barbershops, tailors and trendy men’s clothing stores because it reminded me of the different countries I traveled to around the world. 

I now want to continue that journey of learning and fostering new relationships here with you. Each place I visited while in the military offered an experience rich in culture, adventure, and growth. Meeting incredible people while enjoying fresh brewed coffee, checking out local barbershops, and occasionally getting fit for a new suit was always on the top of my list of things to do while traveling. I created this village to do those exact same things; to discover more from industry professionals, share those experiences, and grow a community.