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Coffee Beards & Bowties is a social community for coffee enthusiasts & aficionados, barbers, stylists, hair care professionals, fashion designers, models, tailors, clothing experts, trend setters, travelers, adventurists, and most importantly friends. Our mission is to cultivate a community forum to collaborate and share collective ideas centered on the love for Coffee, Beards (hair & grooming), and Bowties (fashion). Welcome!!!

So, let’s talk!!!

Tell us about the best coffee experience you’ve ever had… Where were you? What did you order? What made this visit so memorable? Share a recommendation of a new stylist for a hairstyle, shave, or trim. Now, don’t forget to tell us about what products you are using… We want to know what you think about the latest fashion trends that are in style today, maybe you prefer a retro look that you want us to know about… We’re all ears (eyes to be exact)… Please join the conversation and look out for our weekly posts covering exciting topics and content.

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An Interview with Eric McWright
of Coffee Beards & Bowties

Eric McWright is a husband, father, retired Navy veteran, professional barber, and small batch coffee roaster. With a deep passion in coffee, the hair and grooming industry, fashion, and community, it was only fitting for him to call his coffee business Coffee Beards & Bowties. Eric is truly a person of many talents.