Colombia Huila Garzon Mitaca Excelso – 12oz Bag Medium Roast


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Colombia boasts an extraordinary array of microclimates that all lend themselves to an incredible variety of high-quality coffees. The country traditionally produces washed green coffee, with individual farms conducting their own primary processes of pulping and drying coffee cherries at the farm level. Green coffee from the Huila department is highly sought after for its complex, fruit-driven profile. As the largest specialty coffee-producing region in Colombia, the volcanic mountains of Huila are home to small producers with average farm sizes of 1.5 hectares each. In the heart of Huila sits Garzón, and nearly 7,000 multi-generational farms are dedicated to coffee growing. Around 45% of the agronomic income of the region comes from green coffee production.

Colombia Mitaca “Mid-Crop” Harvest

Huila harvests coffee twice a year – once during the main harvest spanning September – December and again during the mitaca, or mid-crop, from April – June. During the mitaca harvest, moist ocean air rises from the Pacific and Caribbean, allowing a smaller amount of coffee to develop and mature into a second harvest like the coffee featured in this lot.

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