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What does your beard say about you?

The beard is a powerful accessory. It’s an identifying feature that speaks volumes about you. For as long as anyone can remember there has been an iconic beard of the era that left an impression on its culture in one way or the other. Beards like that of Abraham Lincoln, or the Mohawk connecting beard of Mr. T, and who can forget the beard of the mighty Leonidas from the movie “300” portrayed by actor Gerald Butler. Everyone is gifted with distinct personality characteristics that make them who they are. Beards are the same way; special, meaningful, and unique in their own way.

A symbol of growth

The Origin

A rite of passage, a way to signify maturity and masculinity.

A beard usually begins to appear when a boy is in his teens. The thickness of growth varies greatly according to the health, age, race, and heredity of the individual. Historically, many ancient civilizations grew beards and mustaches which were carefully groomed and trimmed. Due to cultural and religious beliefs then and now it is forbidden to cut one’s beard. In North America, beards have come in and out of style since the 1600’s. They were popular from the time of the Civil War to the close of the 19th century. In the late 1960’s, there was a revival of the beard especially among young men which continues to present day.

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